The Beginning

by marcipenn

Having a blog is something I daydream about. I imagine writing beautifully crafted posts that bring people to tears; either because they are just so charming and heartwarming, or so witty and hilarious. I imagine a blog full of gorgeous photography, or pages and pages of complicated DIY projects, or award-winning prose and poetry that will one day get published in The New Yorker. Needless to say, I’ve started about 100 blogs and immediately felt disappointed in myself and/or it’s content. I usually end up deleting all my posts out of embarrassment, I’ve even been known to feel mortified about a grammatical error I didn’t catch right away.

Who can live like that?

I mean really. Yikes. Talk about unrealistic expectations. I would never hold anyone else to that kind of standard, it’s un-human, so why am I holding myself to it? I don’t really know why. Maybe you can enlighten me about some deep psychological issue that I probably have (I’m not sure who “you” is supposed to be, but I’m going to pretend I have some followers).

Anyway, the point is…this one is going to be for real. No more deleting posts because I feel slightly embarrassed. No more cringing each time I notice a grammatical mistake after I’ve hit the “publish” button. No more. I’m just going to go for it, and we’ll see what happens.

Mostly, I want this blog to be a space where I can express gratitude for my immediate surroundings (God, family, friends, nature, things, etc). I want a space to document and appreciate my thoughts, adventures, ramblings, loved ones, etc. So I’m not going to worry so much about who might be reading, or if it’s interesting. I’m going to focus on it being a blog full of gratitude, memories, moments, and things.

But…I think I might just start with some pictures. I’m the kind of person who dips her toe in first, I don’t usually dive right into the deep end.