The Fam

by marcipenn

Last week/weekend my parents came to visit me in Austin. I’ve lived here for just over 2 years and it was the first time they made it down (my mom isn’t a huge fan of airplanes or traveling). Needless to say, I WAS REALLY EXCITED. I miss them so much! And I was really looking forward to having them meet my new, wonderful, and rather large family down here…


The first night they were here we ate dinner and played a card game at the apartment. My dad was cracking us up…sometimes, when I don’t see him for a while, I forget what a dork he is. A dork in the very best of ways. He’s always singing a song, cracking a joke, or telling a story. He really is a dream dad. My mom still laughs at him after 38 years of marriage; which, I find REALLY impressive.

After we spent some time with them on our own, it was time for the introductions. They went pretty well. After they all met at dinner my mom was already telling me that Brent’s parents should come up to Wisconsin to visit (think they like ’em?). It was so fun and easy.


I’m so glad my parents were able to make it down. It felt so good to have them see the life I’ve created for myself in Texas, and to meet all the awesome people who have come into my life within the last year. They’re talking about possibly renting a place down here for a few months during the winter after they retire…we’ll see.

I did a really horrible job documenting the weekend. I guess I was just enjoying the moments, and not thinking about taking pictures. That’s my excuse, anyway.




The whole gang (well, almost).