Spring Has Sprung (And so have my allergies)

by marcipenn

Hello, little corner of the world. It has been awhile since I last wrote; some of this is due to pure laziness (which I am guilty of on a regular basis) and a lot of it is due to not feeling well these last few weeks. Really, I’ve been sick for over 2 weeks. I’m finally feeling better. I’m able to sleep through the night without coughing up a lung (which I’m sure my husband appreciates too). How humbling to be such a disgusting, snotty, coughing mess in front of someone who is supposed to be attracted to you. I’m glad he loves me enough to put up with me. Although, the face he’s making below is probably the same face he’s been making at me at 2 in the morning. He’s still so handsome though, eh?


So, I’ve been pretty frustrated and down about my lack of energy and the constant need to have a box of tissue with me. BUT it did make me really thankful for my overall well-being. Usually, I feel pretty good…and a two/three week long stint of allergy symptoms is nothing compared to what some people put up with on a daily basis. I’m very very thankful that I’ve been blessed with good health. And so has my family.


Speaking of family, ours is growing. No, not a baby. a DOG! Brent and Ashen went to the dog shelter (Austin Pets Alive!) a couple of weeks ago and Brent fell in love with a little chihuahua mix, which is basically the last thing we thought we would get. She’s a sweetheart, we named her Elsi, and she’s starting to learn the rules around here…key word: starting. Really though, I’m so happy we got her. It’s helped me to get up earlier in the morning, and get outside after work for some sunshine and exercise…which has been much needed.


Overall, things have been going well. I’ve had a lot on my mind (and heart) the last few weeks. Thinking a lot about my relationship with God, and how little I put into that…and how the consequences of that decision are felt on a daily basis. I’ll try to write more about that soon, but I’d like to gather my thoughts a bit more before I share them with the world.



ImageP.S. We got a fish too…he gets a little neglected now that the dog is around. But he sure is pretty.