Easter Walks and Afternoon Thoughts

by marcipenn

We started our Easter Sunday off right by making waffles, bacon, and coffee at home. After breakfast we all made our way to the living room and read a few chapters out of John to recount the Christian Easter story. We started to wonder where the tradition of eggs and bunnies came from, so we also did some research on the origin of Easter and found out some interesting things about the pagan holiday (which does account for eggs and bunnies).

After a lazy morning we made our way to the botanical gardens at Zilker park (I’d never been). It was nice to get out of the house and spend time walking around with my little family. I’m usually semi-satisfied with my iPhone photos…but these are not the best. But how could I not share a picture of Ashen and Brent (and Elsi) in a butterfly chair, they are such good sports. Maybe one day I’ll get a nice camera and learn how to use it.

Happy Easter!