Life Lately (According to my iPhone)

Image^^ We took a trip to East Texas to visit Brent’s Grandma. Brent pushed me in the hammock for awhile, and I snapped a photo. ^^

ImageImage^^ We walked in the woods around her house. Brent showed me where they used to play, and where their forts were when they were little. Pretty cute. ^^

Image^^We ate burgers here. The owner was walking around with gun on his hip. I remembered that I do, in fact, live in Texas. ^^

Image^^ Inside of Van’s. It was a fun trip. I was able to see where Brent went to high school – and realized that we grew up in pretty similar towns. This shot reminds me of Wisconsin. ^^

Image^^ Brent, Ashen, and I went to a Music Tapes concert downtown. Waiting for the show to start. ^^

Image^^ Music Tapes. ^^

Image^^ Music Tapes. ^^

Image^^ For Memorial Day we went to Kim and Colby’s for a BBQ. I love that family gatherings always turn into this. ^^

Image^^ Little celebrity. ^^

Image^^ This one is older, but it’s on of my favorites. Amelie and Sadie. ^^