Out on the Weekend

by marcipenn

I’ll freely speak for everyone in my little family when I say, we had a good weekend. Saturday morning we woke up early and took Ashen downtown to a little French crepe place (he’d been asking if we could make crepes the night before). Brent and I have been there a few times, and when we manage to wake up early enough to avoid the normal downtown pace, it always hits the spot.

After breakfast we went swimming and laid out in the sun, played some card games, watched Benny and June, went for an evening bike ride, and made a late night run to P. Terry’s for a burger. Basically, the perfect summer day.

This morning we hosted Brent’s parents (and Silas and Sadie!) for “church” and breakfast; I had a lot of fun making this (I added blueberries). We drank coffee and talked a little bit about our personal relationships with God, and what is, and is not, beneficial to each of us. I always enjoy getting together with Brent’s parents. They’re such an encouragement.

This afternoon we took the dog out for a walk, and played on the jungle gym at the playground down the street. Brent and I couldn’t even get across the monkey bars – monkey bars are no joke as an adult. I feel old.

All in all, it was a really great weekend. We’re trying to be more active, and so far, I think it’s been really great. I love spending time with Brent and Ashen, getting out of the apartment, and enjoying the place we live – even if it is 103 degrees in Austin.




Oh, and Brent came home from the grocery store with these on Saturday night. ❤