Missing Wisconsin // nas(FALL)gia

by marcipenn

Whenever the fall season rolls around my homesickness seems to go into high gear. I miss Wisconsin’s fall, there really is nothing like it. And when it’s 82 and humid here (which it is), and my friends are posting pictures on Instagram of hot coffee, scarves, boots, and trees that are turning yellow-orangey-reds, my heart aches a little. 

But then I remember that they’re about to enter hibernation mode…for the next 6 months…and I don’t feel so bad. Plus, we do get a short-lived fall in Texas – it just doesn’t happen until November or December. 

So, in honor of fall – and to spite the heat and humidity in Austin – I made a fall checklist. I’m looking forward to the cooler temperatures that are supposedly on the way, and to starting some new traditions with my little family. I think I’ll make Brent and Ashen paint some pumpkins with me (because painting is just so much easier than carving; although salted pumpkin seeds might be worth the trouble).

Image^^ 1. Paint a pumpkin 2. Go camping 3. Build a campfire 4. Take a long hike on the green belt ^^

It’s a short list (because “The Mindy Project” is only 30 minutes long, and that’s when I doodled this), but I’m looking forward to checking off each item in the next month or two.