by marcipenn

I like making resolutions. I tend to write down goals, or pick things to work on, on a continual basis. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by all the things I want to improve on or experience, which may or may not be a good thing. I think it’s good practice to do this throughout the year – not just at New Years…BUT, it does always feel a little extra special on January 1st.

Last year I had a whole page filled with ideas about how great I was going to be in 2013. I had big plans. Like becoming perfectly patient and kind. Heh. This year, I’m just going to focus on one thing: giving. I have so much, and am so blessed, and yet I find myself wishing for more too often. It’s pretty sad. I have a warm place to call home, a loving husband, a sweet little family, a good job, a working car, good friends, and so much more. And yet, I spend time a lot of time thinking about things I want but don’t have…and I take everything for granted.

I think there are a few remedies for this problem, but the most productive and helpful solution seems to be giving. Focusing on others. I want to stop worrying about the small things and help someone who doesn’t even have a place to live..or food to eat. It seems a little ironic that the way to stop wanting more is to give more. But I have no doubt that it will work – it has in the past.

I’m not going to put any limits on it, or specifications. And I absolutely do not want it to be “I’ll just give X amount of money each month and then I’ll feel really good about myself.” Money is helpful, and it’s good to give if you’re able (and it is in my plan) – but honestly, my time and attention is a lot more valuable to me…so if I’m going to really try to stretch then I have to give some of that away, too.

I don’t plan on blogging about this venture at all this year. I’m not doing it to get attention or a pat on the back, so writing about specific things I do for other people would feel pretty cheap. But I did want to get the main idea down, so that I can hold myself accountable. It’s hard to make changes but I’m really looking forward to 2014. Happy New Year!